Kochi is located at SHIKOKU island which is one of the four big islands of Japan. However three bridges connect it to the main island (Honshu) at Kobe, Okayama and Hiroshima. And Great Seto Bridge provides a railway service. So there are, roughly speaking, two ways to arrive at Kochi inside Japan:
We describe neither the motor way nor the sea route.


  • From OKAYAMA station, an express NANPU (South Wind) takes you to KOCHI station in 160 minutes.
  • Shinkansen super express stops at OKAYAMA station.
Therefore the simplest way is just to buy a ticket at a JR window for Kochi; that is all. Here is a sample route:
  • From Kansai international airport
    14:16 Limited express HARUKA to SHIN-OSAKA (15:05)
    16:09 Shinkansen NOZOMI super express to OKAYAMA (For HAKATA) (16:56)
    17:05 Limited express NANPU for KOCHI (19:45)
    Total cost: 13,150 Yen, 329 minutes.
    This is the third route of the web service.
  • Anyway, please come to Okayama station by Shinkansen, and then take Nanpu.


There are 9 flights from Tokyo Haneda airport (NOT NARITA), also 9 flight from Osaka Itami (NOT KANSAI) airport, and 3 flights from Fukuoka airport which connect to the KOCHI-RYOMA airport that is the closest airport (16 km away from Kochi railway station).
However, there are few flights arriving at Tokyo Haneda airport from Europe. (No international flight to Itami airport and no European line to Fukuoka). From Asian countries you may find flights to Haneda or Fukuoka airport.
So we suggest, if you arrive in Japan from Narita international airport, that you take an airport limousine to Haneda airport (departs at least every 30 minutes and takes 100 minutes) and then get on a flight for Kochi-Ryoma airport. We do not suggest to come to Kochi by railway from Narita.
If you arrive in Japan from Kansai international airport, we suggest a route above or that you take a bus for Osaka airport/Hotarugaike (departs every 30 minutes and takes 100 minutes) and then get on a flight for Kochi-Ryoma airport.

Inside Kochi

We will book an accommodation for foreign invited speakers at Hotel Nikko Kochi (JAL Hotels) which locates 5 minutes away by car from Kochi central railway station.
So after arriving at Kochi railway station, please take a taxi to arrive there, or you may try a traditional tram (provided by TOSA Electric Railway) from Kochi station to SAENBACHO (change once at HARIMAYABASHI).
From the Kochi-Ryoma airport, you may take a bus service for Kochi station which stops at SAENBA (please ask the driver to get you to get off there). It takes about 30 minutes. You may take any bus from the airport.
From the hotel we will go to the Kochi university by the tram. We will meet at the hotel lobby at Monday morning (8:10).

If you want to show a message to a bus/taxi driver, you can download sheets...