We are planning Funaki's 60th birthday party on 6th (Tuesday) December (from 18:30) that is his actual 60th birthday.
The party will be held at Hotel Nikko Kochi where we will arrange some accommodations for invited foreign speakers. The party is being organized mainly by Dr Misumi, Dr Sakagawa and Dr Sasada.

Everybody celebrating his birthday is very welcome to join the party. But we shall ask all joining it to register in advance by 25th November. The participation fee will be 7,000 JP Yen and will be collected at the hall in cash.

* "60th birthday" (originally, 60th new year) has a special meaning in some Asian countries. This is because each year is counted by (not AD) a combination of one of twelve animals (rat, cow, etc.) and one of ten properties (wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and each has an additional property---a sort of direction of the force), and the lcm of them is 60, so that 60th new year means "returning to the birth year". 2011 is, for example, metal-rabbit. But recently it has been changing to celebrate the 60th birthday itself.
Traditionally, the person wears a red cloth because, it is also tradition that a baby wears such coloured cloth as a good-luck charm, and 61st year means "rebirth". But recently to wear such is relatively rare.


Everybody, including invited speakers, who wants to join the celebrating party of Funaki's 60th birthday is asked to register in advance. Please fill all entries below.
If you have an accompanying person, please fill the following form for each individual.

Deadline: November 25 (Fri)
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