• We have put workshop photos. (15 Dec)
  • The program was slightly modified. (26 Oct)
  • Server restarted. (17 Oct.)
  • The server will be down during 15 (Sat) - 16 (Sun) Oct. in JP local time due to an annual inspection of electric facilities of the whole university. (12 Oct)
  • Registration form for the party is now open. (8 Oct)
  • A tentative program of the workshop is now open. (8 Oct)
  • The list of invited speakers has been updated. (1 Oct)
  • Access information has been updated. (28 Aug)
  • It is our great pleasure that we are holding the symposium as planned. Everyone who is interested in the topic is very welcome to join us. (19 Aug)
  • Another workshop of the same title which has been scheduled for this August was canceled due to an unprecedented disaster happened in the North-East area of Japan in the middle of this March. (8 Apr.)
    • Kochi is, however, located at South-West area of Japan and we believe nobody will meet any inconvenience to come and stay there.
    • The cancelled workshop will be held 5 to 6 July, 2012, at the University of Tokyo after the IMS APRM. (24 Aug)