Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems


Access To Fukuoka (Hakata)
  • For foreign participants, we strongly recommend you to come to Fukuoka airport by airplane directly (mostly from Asian countries) or by transiting either Narita (3 flights a day), Centrair (20 flights a day), or Kansai (6 flights a day) international airports.
  • If you hope to take a train (although it is never recommended) you can board Shinkansen for Hakata from Shin-Osaka station (2 hours and half), Nagoya (3 hours and half), or Tokyo (5 hours).
    • It takes about 50 minutes by train from Kansai international airport to Shin-Osaka station. See detail.
    • It takes about 30 minutes by train from Centrair to Nagoya station. See detail.
    • It takes 60-90 minutes by train from Narita international airport to Tokyo station. See detail.
    • Buses may be also available from Narita / Centrair / Kansai international airports to Tokyo / Nagoya / Shin-Osaka stations.

From Fukuoka airport or Hakata station

Domestic participants should book a hotel by themselves.
The following procedure describes to lead you to the hotel booked by the organizing committee. The procedure is almost same in either case you come to Fukuoka airport or Hakata station.

  • (recommend) Pick up a taxi and ask the driver to take you to "JAL Resort Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka".
    • If you don't have any confidence to ask the driver, you may show a sheet to him.
    • It will take about 20 minutes (from Fukuoka airport) or 15 minutes (from Hakata station).
  • (cheaper way) Find a subway (underground) station (easy).
    • buy a ticket (290 yen from Fukuoka airport, 250 yen from Hakata station).
    • get on a train for MEINOHAMA (or any from Fukuoka airport, any same direction from Hakata station).
    • get off the train at TOJINMACHI station. (it may be convenient to memorize the station symbol mark) It takes 17 minutes from Fukuoka airport, 11 minutes from Hakata station.
    • Reach the hotel on foot. Please take a simple map.
      • The hotel places just beside Yahoo dome (baseball stadium). Please look up a golden onion and a highest building.

To Nishijin plaza

From JAL Resort Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka, please come to the Nishijin plaza on foot. Some Japanese participants (some organizers and possibly youngs) will stay at the hotel and support the foreign participants. We will meet at the HOTEL LOBBY (4F) of JAL Resort Hotel monday morning (8:50 a.m., about 40 minutes before the registration).

  • If you prefer to come to Nishijin plaza by yourself , take a simple map (NISHIJIN is the closest subway station).
  • It is a bit difficult to recognize Nishijin plaza. It places in a residential section. Keep a picture in your mind, please.