Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems


Unfortunately, to our knowledge, there will be no special festival in Hakata during the period of the symposium.

Dazaifu shrine

Dazaifu Tenmangu enshrines a God of scholarship, literature, and calligraphy. The god is now called Tenjin, which Michizane SUGAWARA (845--903) is deified. He was originally a great minister, but died in exile here.

Fire mountain ASO

Aso is one of the most famous fire mountains in Japan. From Hakata station, it will take about 2hours and half by an express to Aso station. There are quite a lots of hot spas around the mountain.

Porcelain town ARITA

Arita porcelain (ceramic), which is also known as Imari (sometimes called Ko-Imari meaning "old style Imari") or Kakiemon, is one of the most famous type of fine white porcelain in Japan, or even in the world. From Hakata station, it will take 82 minutes by an express to Arita station. The expresses leave every one hour from Hakata.

Yanagawa (Fukuoka prefecture) is know as a beautiful riverside distinct. One can have an unusual experience to go down a river in a boat among the city.


Shikano-shima ("Island of Shika") is an island located at the northern end of Hakata bay but adjacent to the Kyushu. From the port of Hakata, it takes about 30 minutes to Shikano-shima.

Baseball games
Our symposium will be held during the off-season of the baseball. Yahoo dome which is very closed to our hall is a home stadium of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks that belongs to Pacific league. The championship of the pennantrace will be over at the middle of this October. Although we believe that the probability that Hawks win the race is strictly positive (somebody insists such an assertion needs a proof), even in such case, Japan cup will start at 27 October (at the winner's stadium of Pacific league). Hence the conclusion is that we have no opportunity to watch a professional baseball game during the symposium.
On 10th Oct., Fukuoka Softbank Hawks was beaten in a first stage of a climax series of Pacific league...(What a shame!)

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